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Naindzu Chiu

Let more people know the value of all truth.

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Naindzu Chiu

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Sue Jiangzemin Global 全球控告江泽民

Why CCP is so stupid and so evil? Ai Weiwei Mr. compassion search Sichuan earthquake death the number of school children who have high taxed Mr. Chen Guangcheng discovered the plan inside story of the birth control prisoners Mr. Gao Zhisheng a letter to stop the persecution of Falun Gong is missing The Miss Gao Yaojie care Henan Village AIDS bitter flee afar Let the the goodness righteous people suffering should not longer be subject to torture! People across the country look in the eyes, everybody feels, Xintongcili,, anyone know very well: the Chinese Communist Party's said to serve the people, in fact, is for the rich and powerful interests. Demolition more people become enemies and the brutal rule of hegemonic mentality is difficult to agree with the Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan compatriots lost much popular support, Communist China is now facing the embattled enemies more. Who do not want to see social chaos, as long as the CCP regime rectifies it changed, no longer confuse right and wrong governing the country, no longer compete with the people, to really serve the people, change the brutal rule of hegemonic mentality and stop the persecution of goodness and justice, announced overseas governments the ins and outs of high officials deposits, so popular allegiance, the country will not have to spend large sums of financial stability maintenance. What network monitoring, network control, 610 office, labor camps dungeon, notorious in the world, shame ah! Communist China has had admitted the mistake to confuse right and wrong governing the country does not change the direction of a mistake, network monitoring, network control, 610 office, labor camp dungeon, go with a wicked The IPPF plan persecuted peasant woman abortion profit to be used in the persecution of organ harvesting trafficking the Demons to profit, to go all over the country (now) in Henan villagers sold their blood to profit from the vampire, go with the shabby profit culprit, go with corrupt collusion between government officials indiscriminate demolition compete with the people, is not it? I crap too much, the Beijing bigwigs senior decision makers has all the above drawbacks of the biggest gainers, rectifies it no longer confuse right and wrong governing the country no longer compete with the people, to really serve the people may? As long as can the ins and outs of the continental corrupt officials and property to check social justice, talent will reduce suffering. If the countries of the powerful Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is responsible for investigating corrupt officials, Gaddafi will not brutal corruption killed, but also the expense of so many people in the international. Appealed to the world human rights lawyer recommended quickly at the United Nations to set up a powerful Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), responsible for investigating the problem of corruption officials, and such, but the only way to avoid the occurrence of many innocent people will be buried with corrupt officials and those brutal tragedy. CPC vested interests can never be self-reform, so the above is the most peaceful way! Loud and clear to the right! Vigorously forwarding it! On the evil of silencing is the kind of violence. Please vigorously forward Many mainland tourists said many unfortunate people in China are now in dire straits, inner hate the Communist Party was powerless to do anything, because the labor camp torture rampant, so the overriding judicial injustice and unrighteousness evil Politics and Law Committee 610 Office the evil officer guards the wicked day is not removed , then the mainland many kind of justice people living peace. Do not you see: Hu and Wen have not yet been answered Mr. Chen Guangcheng questioned By Wang Lijun exposes corruption and evil background Politics and Law Committee, Mr. Chen Guangcheng escaped the clutches of confirmed people all the poor living conditions is caused by public security system of the Politics and Law Committee. Today, truth, urban management, 610 offices, labor camps, dungeon notorious the Organ Harvesting things the world know, as long as the Politics and Law Committee the culprit Jiang magic week ghost trial system of Politics and Law Committee was dissolved, all rights just warriors, Tibet, Xinjiang, petitioners injustice China, evicted and Falun Gong would not longer be brutally suppressed in persecution. Only let the wicked in power, openness and fairness of judicial independence, countless goodness and justice compatriots will not live repeatedly tormented suffering day. Trial Jiangluo weeks, to bring to justice the 610, the disintegration of the CCP! Good people torture prisoners to commit suicide by the the psychosis is missing is questioned ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ endless, History will record all the Dark Ages, the end is not correct unjust Maintenance of stability put it bluntly, the black heart of money is to stabilize the high government officials of corruption. On the evil of silencing is the kind of violence.

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