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Join us in supporting The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as it updates the standards for meals and snacks in child care centers, day care homes, after-school and summer feeding programs. These programs feed more than 3 million children every day, including mine and probably some kids you know, too. The proposed standards call for greater variety of fruits and vegetables, more whole…

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Despite the fact that 3.8 million children live in households experiencing hunger, some in Congress are proposing a budget that GUTS the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps. Currently 46 million people access SNAP—how will these people provide food for their families if these draconian measures are passed through Congress? Moreover, a 2013 USDA study…

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69% of Nickelodeon's food advertisements promote food of poor nutritional quality. Unlike Disney, Nickelodeon has refused to adopt any nutritional guidelines on what they will advertise to kids. We try to teach our children to make good choices, but our kids are vulnerable to marketing that we can't even control. Most kids under six can't distinguish between programming and ads. It's not…

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What kinds of snacks foods and beverages can be sold at school in your state? This article has links to fact sheets and data tables to help…Read More

State and National School Snack Policies

Half of secondary school students consume at least one snack food a day at school. Yet vending machines and snack bars in many schools have historically offered an abundance of candy, sugar-filled drinks, and other low-nutrient, high-calorie items rather than healthy snacks. Currently, 43 states have policies determining the types of snacks that…Read More
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