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*** Wendy's listened to the concerns of moms and families. NOW IT'S BURGER KING'S TURN! *** Burger King is the only Big 3 burger chain still with soda in meals specifically intended for children. Wendy's has agreed to remove sugary soda from its children's menus, and McDonald's agreed in 2013 to drop soda from its Happy Meal menus, the policy going into effect this year. Tell Burger King that…

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URGENT: Congress plans pre-holiday attack on school lunch!! School lunches are getting better. More than 90% of schools are serving more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  But some members of Congress are working to roll back this progress as they reconvene for the lame duck session. They say they just want to provide schools with a little "flexibility," but in reality their proposed…

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Tell Burger King and Wendy's that with rising rates of children in the U.S. developing serious diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, it's time to get sugary drinks off kids' menus! 
Sugar-sweetened beverages like soda are the largest source of added sugar in children's diets. And, they are the third highest source of kids' calories overall. (1)   Drinking just one additional…

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What kinds of snacks foods and beverages can be sold at school in your state? This article has links to fact sheets and data tables to help…Read More

State and National School Snack Policies

Half of secondary school students consume at least one snack food a day at school. Yet vending machines and snack bars in many schools have historically offered an abundance of candy, sugar-filled drinks, and other low-nutrient, high-calorie items rather than healthy snacks. Currently, 43 states have policies determining the types of snacks that…Read More
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