Infant and Toddler Teeth Care

Infant and Toddler Teeth Care Though most parents know the basics of children’s dental care, Ludhiana dentists continue to see cavities in young children. Caring for your infant’s teeth should begin even before they erupt. To prevent bacteria growth, parents…Read More

How Dental Implants Are Changing Lives

Dental implants are basically described as artificial tooth replacements, that are inserted into toothless parts of the mouth to resemble (and nowadays to actually function as) the lost teeth. While widespread usage of dental implants is a relatively new…Read More

Obesity’s Effect on Your Dental Health

While we know that obesity can affect our hearts, our muscles, or brains, our skin, and all of our internal organs, believe it or not, it can also affect out dental health. Dentists and oral surgeons are finding that our teeth and gums are directly affected…Read More

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How to Brush

How to Brush What Is the Right Way to Brush? Proper brushing takes at least two minutes — that's right, 120 seconds! Most adults do not come close to brushing that long. To get a feel for the time involved, try using a stopwatch. To properly brush your teeth,…Read More
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