Wine Shipping 2011: Is It Time to Compromise?

Everyone seems to be in agreement that the year for consumer wine shipping will be 2011, and we are really grateful for this progress. The majority of both the House and Senate have co-sponsored this year’s legislation which includes both winery and retailer…Read More

Baltimore Sun Restaurant Critic Wants Corkage Too

Baltimore Sun Restaurant Critic, Richard Gorelick, seems to like the idea of legalizing corkage:

Toasting 2011 & Wine Shipping

Happy new year! As 2010 comes to a close, we have much to look forward to in 2011. In This Issue -- Comptroller's 257 Page Report -- Why Can't Retailers Ship? -- Corkage Update -- Worcester County Dispensary -- Other States’ Laws (or You Think MD is…Read More

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What Kind of Wine does Sen. Joan Conway Serve?

Where is Wine Shipping Study Commission?

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HR5034 - Contact your US Representative

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