Show your love for Tibet

Dear Friend, Valentine's Day is here...and it's a perfect time to show your love for Tibet and win your special someone’s heart by giving them an SFT Rangzen Circle membership (…Read More

Are You Up For The Challenge?

We've made great strides in the Facebook Causes Giving Challenge - in the past two weeks, the Tibetan Freedom Movement has gained more than 1,100 donations. We're still in the running to win $50,000 in the overall challenge, but we need your help. At the…Read More

Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) Needs Your Help to Win $50

At Students for a Free Tibet (SFT), we can't resist a challenge. That's why we've entered SFT's Facebook Cause - Tibetan Freedom Movement – into this year's Causes Giving Challenge: You can help turn $10 into $50K for Tibetan freedom in…Read More

Losar - A Day of Mourning in Tibet; Lhadon reports from Hong Kong

LOSAR: A DAY OF MOURNING IN TIBET Tibetans inside Tibet and around the world held a day of mourning yesterday, the first day of Losar, the Tibetan New Year, canceling traditional celebrations in honor of the more than two hundred Tibetans killed and the…Read More

Day 43 in the M10 Countdown: Commemorating Andruk Gonpo Tashi

Andruk Gonpo Tashi was the founder and Commander General Chushi Gangdrug, - the Tibetan Resistance Force:

M10 Update and Urgent Action for Youth Killed in Tibet

On March 10th we will commemorate two defining events in Tibet's modern history - the Tibetan National Uprisings of 1959 and 2008. In the lead up to this important day, we must redouble our efforts to focus international attention inside Tibet where the…Read More

Day 48: Ama Adhe

Ama Adhe Tapontsang Age: 76 (Year of Birth: 1932) Former political prisoner; spent 27 years in prison "I am free now. There are no guards outside my door. There is enough to eat. Yet an exile can never forget the severed…Read More
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