The cause is closing. Thank you for your support

Dear friends, thank you for all your help and support for Malika Tulyaganova, a girl from Uzbekistan who has blood cancer. We have raised 2,320 dollars. It is not a lot, but still we are grateful to you for that. Malika is in the United States with her…Read More

Reminder to spread the word about our cause

Hi everyone, congratulations on the 500th member. Please, everyone, press on the INVITE button and invite people from your friends list who haven't been invited to this cause yet. Remember, you can only invite 12 people a day so do not forget to invite more…Read More

Update on the web-site designed to help Malika

Hi everyone, thanks for your help and care. I wanted to let you know that the web-site created to help raise money for Malika hadn't worked for a few months due to technical reasons. Now the web-site has moved to a different domain and back…Read More

Time to be caring and generous

Dear friends, I would like to thank everyone who is helping Malika's cause. I would especially like to thank Durdona Rakhimova for being so generous and donating 500 dollars. Unfortunately, we have not raised enough money. There's over 450 members in this…Read More

Efforts to boost fund-raising for Malika Tulyaganova

Dear friends, thanks you for being part of the cause to help Malika. Special thanks to those who made a donation. On November 24, there was an Uzbek party in Dover, NJ. 1,000 dollars were raised during that cultural event and the money was personally handed…Read More

Use Digg as a tool to rasei awareness about Malika

OK, people. Here is a very good chance to raise the awareness about Malika. There is a web-site called Digg. The more people "digg it" by going to the web-site and clicking on "digg", the higher chances of the web-site about Malika ( to be visited…Read More
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