Almost 1k have joined our cause

Thank you to all that have joined Made for Water. We are so happy that we now have 945 members and almost reaching the 1k mark. Made for Water was created in 2006 for one reason- To give clean water to those in need. Made for Love was than introduced in…Read More


With a new name just previously announced, I would also like to invite you to take a tour of our new site, currently under construction. Why would I share this with you if it is not finished? There is a lot of work to be done in order for MADE FOR WATER.…Read More


Dear Friends of the cause Quench the Thirst, We've given Quench a lift and are excited to announce to you today the new name of our project. Introducing MADE FOR WATER. MADE FOR LOVE. We are stoaked about what's been happening with this ministry and we have a…Read More


Dear Friiiends :) I was wondering if any of you have time to help me collect a few items I need to take to Africa with me. My trip was re-scheduled to May 14th so I would need these items some time before then. They are very small things that will go to the…Read More

We are going to MUTULU!!

Dear Quench the Thirst friends, We are heading for Kenya May 14th!! We are very excited to meet some of the Mutulu people and begin our work among them. Please keep our travels in your prayers. We return May 26th so there will be tons of photos and blogs…Read More

Its a new year

With January almost coming to a close I would like to challenge you to do something out of the ordinary today... think of something you haven't done yet this year or even this month to help others around you. Share your time with someone who needs love,…Read More

be a part of saving lives

6,000 children die daily from diseases associated with lack of safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. Beyond Barriers is helping Quench the Thirst 08 raise funds to bring access to safe drinking water to the Mutulu tribe in southeastern…Read More
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