CaringBridge Update

Update on CaringBridge as of Tuesday, April 20th. Well it has been a while since our last update. I guess no news is good news!! Mackenzie went for her month visit at the clinic today. Everyone was excited to see her and told her how much they had missed…Read More

Lastest Update from Caring Bridge

Happy Easter to everyone! Ma​ckenzie went back to the doctor on Friday morning to have her stitches take out. She was a big girl laying still on the table while the doctor took the stitches out. She did not even cry! Dr. Patel listened to her chest and…Read More

Latest Update (November 15)

Please excuse this update for being tardy, I have not been at my email for a few days and did not receive this notification until tonight. From CaringBridge: Mackenzie had a CT scan of her abdomen area on Friday morning. Dr. Jacobsen did not need it with…Read More

Weekly Update on MacKenzie

Mackenzie has been doing really well this week with her chemo. We are noticing the same side effects as before where her appetite is off. She has not gotten sick this time which is a blessing. She has picked up Hunter's cold, so we know school is back in…Read More

Updaye on MacKenzie

Mackenzie finished her last scheduled round of chemo today. She did extremely well considering it was a 7 hour day. We started with our regular check up which she is still gaining weight. She weighed 21 lbs. 4 oz. today and was an inch taller - 30 inches now.…Read More

Thank You For Your Continued Support

Dear Members, I would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support and prayers for MacKenzie and her family. I would encourage you all to please leave a comment for the family or send me a message (SUB: MacKenzie DeCuir) so that I can print…Read More

Update MAY 24

A message from MacKenzie's family: We hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend! We started the weekend off with a great Benefit BBQ for Mackenzie at the Piggly Wiggly in Clover. It was a huge success! We sold close to 200 plates and along with…Read More
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