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Tell fast food companies: Pay workers a $15/hr living wage.

It’s time for fast food giants to grant their employees the raise and rights that they deserve.

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McDonald's should do everything in its power to ensure that employees are paid the wage they deserve – and ensure that employees are allowed to organize a union to prevent future abuses. From Olympic sponsorships to private planes, McDonald's is willing to spend piles of money on everything but the employees who do the everyday work that earns McDonald's a profit. It's time for McDonald's to…

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RACIST MCDONALD'S BOSSES FIRE 10 WORKERS They were told they didn't "fit the profile" – and then they were fired. Ten McDonald's workers were fired for no reason amidst racist harassment – one McDonald's manager said simply, "There are too many black people in the store."  It's not right – and McDonald's needs to end racist harassment and pay these workers back pay and damages now. Tell…

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Get this: Jimmy John's makes ALL of their employees sign an extreme non-compete agreement that's not only far outside of the norm for the industry, it's completely CRAZY.  Workers who leave Jimmy John's for any reason – even if they're fired – are barred for TWO years from getting jobs at any restaurant that sells sandwiches within 3 miles of ANY Jimmy John's location. That means a sandwich…

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