LOVE given to the poor and sick people

Dear members of the LOVE cause, Since 1572, the Hospitallers Brothers are giving love, curing and helping poor and sick people, from all colors and religions, in 50 countries all around the world.  Please support them just by joining the group of their…Read More

Love for Xmas and 2010 !

Xmas is a good occasion to give Love surely :-) Lots of love to all of you. And for 2010: just more and more Love ! :-) PS: We have a group now also (easier to invite people there then "cause"): you are all very welcome to join it and to give again and…Read More

thanks and congrats to each one of u

Thank you, each one of you that decided to join the cause of the most important think in life: Love... We are now more then 45 000 members and we have to admit that we have good people on our nice planet :o) Wake the consciousnesses around you and invite your…Read More

Thank you

A special thanks to you, to each one of the 31 804 that joined the cause I have created 1 year ago "Love is everything; give Love; share Love; just Love, care and forgive". And don't stop loving ;o)


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