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The Round Home Turned 3 Years Old!

Last month, our safe home in the Philippines turned three! Join us in celebrating the 41 survivors of trafficking who have reclaimed their lives and freedom in the Love146 Round Home! Check out some Round Home highlights over the past three years at…Read More

Safe Harbor now Law in CT!

Safe Harbor is now law in CT! Check out what this means for the state: www.love146.org/safeharbor

Sign the petition to help get CT Safe Harbor bill passed!

Kathy Maskell just posted a link to your cause, Official Love146 (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/1533?m=1df5dfaa): Thanks, Kathy Maskell Jim Love146 |Take Action | Change.org (http://media.causes.com/766480?m=1df5dfaa&s=email) Why this link matters to…Read More

To our CT Abolitionists-- Use your voice--help us to act now!

 Take 30 seconds to sign a petition letter to CT legislators: http://www.change.org/love146/actions/view/safe_harbor_for_children_protect_and_serve_victims_of_child_sex_trafficking_and_exploitation#   Kathy Maskell Cause Creator

"I Shall Not Be Moved"

Every year Americans spend $14 Billion on Valentine’s Day. In one day, we will spend what slave traders worldwide will profit over 6 months. WE THINK ONE DAY CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING... At 12, Diana attempted suicide. She was a victim of child sex slavery and…Read More


http://www.bruceledoux.com/blog/2010/01/were-fathersand-this-is-personal/ Follow “GUARDIAN ANGEL MOTORSPORTS” at the Rolex 24 race in Daytona, Florida Jan 30-31,2010. Bruce Ledoux and his team of 5 drivers will race 24 hours straight for the children of…Read More

Guardian Angel Motorsports Gears Up to Support Love146

Guardian Angels Motorsports is supporting Love146 by racing for 24 hours straight in the Rolex 24 Daytona Race, in Daytona FL. They are driving to raise funds for Love146. Please support Love146 and the Race Team in the exciting collaboration. Visit…Read More
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