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Stop Police Brutality & Racial Profiling. #Justice4 Mike Brown

Our country was founded on the principle of freedom, integrity and that every man was to be treated equal. This included people of color, however across the south in certain cities there is still racial unrest that results in the useless deaths of black men, specifically in Springfield with the death of Mike Brown. Mike Brown did not have a police record. Mike Brown was not a troublemaker. Mike Brown was to start college the 2 days after he was shot and killed for what seems like no reason. This is American not Iran, a person of color has the right to walk down a street without fearing for their life and being shot dead. Please support!

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Help Puppy Doe's Campaign To Stop Violence Against Animals

We must address the mental issues that abusers have before they are able to bring pain and death to humans and animals. We must give parents the education and strength to report and find help for children that act out at a young age in which their behavior indicates strong possibility of serious criminal behavior in the future.

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