1,000 Living Quilt Facebook Members!

Thank you to all of your recruitment efforts! We've reached 1,000 members, but your work doesn't stop here. If you haven't invited all of your friends, do so today. The time is now to show your solidarity against HIV/AIDS in the South! View the August Living…Read More

National HIV Testing Day

Don't forget- National HIV Testing Day is tomorrow! Encourage 5 of your friends or family to know their status and get tested if they haven't in the past 6 months. Find a testing center near you. www.hivtest.org Help us out! In celebration of Testing Day,…Read More

June Newsletter: Blanket Your Family and Friends!

Check out our June newsletter! http://www.livingquilt.org/newsletter/Junenewsletter.html Learn about our new Quilt redesign and how the women of the Quilt- like Melissa from Virginia- are using their stories to increase HIV/AIDS awareness. We are almost to…Read More

100 Days for President Obama, 100 Voices for the Living Quilt

On April 29th, President Obama marked his first 100 days in office. The Quilt will also celebrate a significant milestone as we anticipate adding our 100th Quilt patch in the coming weeks! Stay up to date. Read this story and the rest of the May newsletter…Read More

Patti LaBelle Speaks Out on HIV/AIDS

Check out the latest edition of the SALQ Newsletter and forward it on to your friends! http://www.livingquilt.org/newsletter/Aprilnewsletter.html It’s easy to help friends and family take a stand against HIV/AIDS- recruit 5 Facebook friends today. We're…Read More

Living Quilt: Join the Fight!

Thanks for joining the Living Quilt on Facebook! Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Put a spotlight on HIV/AIDS in March and reduce stigma in your community by inviting all of your family and friends to the Cause today. Be one of the…Read More

Barack and Michelle know their status.

Barack and Michelle know their status. http://www.livingquilt.org/loveone/index.html
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