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Bring LIVESTRONG to Your Town

We need your help. Help us decide where we should put LIVESTRONG programs for 2011 by casting your vote on our website. It's not only a simple way to volunteer, but it will make a tremendous difference to those affected by cancer in your community. Go to…Read More

2011 Events Calendar Now Available

The 2011 events calendar is now available. Go to http://bit.ly/teamls2011 to view the running, walking, riding and triathlon events now set for 2011. Visit the site today!

One More Day

One more day to vote in the LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project. Go to http://vote.livestrong.org to cast your vote for the program you think should receive LIVESTRONG funding. Vote now to make a difference in your community.

Vote to Bring LIVESTRONG Funding to Your Community

Go to http://vote.livestrong.org to bring community program funding to local hospitals and centers in your hometown. Click on the link and vote now.

Wear Yellow with Lance on LIVESTRONG Day

Join Lance Armstrong and thousands of supporters around the world in wearing yellow on LIVESTRONG Day - Saturday, October 2. http://bit.ly/aoCFwq It's an easy way to show your support for 28 million cancer survivors worldwide. To join, click the ''Yes, I'm…Read More

Just 5 Days Left To Show Your Support!

Just a few days left till LIVESTRONG Day- a day to show your support of the 28 million people affected by cancer. Go to http://www.livestrong.org/livestrongday to find an event near you or to register your own efforts. Whether it is a ride with friends, a…Read More

Sign Up for LIVESTRONG Day

LIVESTRONG Day is a day of action and to show your support for the 28 million affected by cancer. Have some friends over for dinner, get your community together for a morning run, have your spiritual community host a prayer vigil. Whatever you do put your…Read More
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