Defamation Suit against Russian Propaganda outlets - Иск к российским СМИ

The Litvinenko saga never ends. We are suing Russian Channel One and RT for defamation in a US court. For details see: Дело Литвиненко продолжается. Мы обвиняем российские телеканалы в клевете в иске в…Read More

UK announces public inquiry - Великобритания проведет расследование

BBC Video: A public inquiry will be held into the death of the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, the UK Home Secretary Theresa May has announced. Марина Литвиненко, вдова убитого в Лондоне экс-сотрудника ФСБ…Read More

British Home Secretary would not appeal against complaint of Litvinenko's widow

British Home Secretary will not appeal the decision of the London court this week that supported the extraordinary appeal of the widow of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, said the representative of the minister. On Tuesday, the court considered the…Read More

Widow of murdered Alexander Litvinenko wins High Court battle in fight for public inquiry

Ruling means Home Secretary must reconsider whether there will be a public inquiry into death of former KGB spy JOHN ASTON AND CATHY GORDON Tuesday 11 February 2014 Press Association The widow of murdered former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko has hailed a…Read More

Coroner Calls for Public Inquiry - Судья просит назначить спецкомиссию

Сегодня судья сэр Роберт Оуен направил министру юстиции Великобритании письмо с рекомендациями назначить специальную правительственную комиссию (public inquiry), которая могла бы рассмотреть секретные улики в деле Литвиненко. Это позволит, по мнению судьи,…Read More

Litrvinenko Inquest in Peril - Суд по делу Литвиненко на грани срыва

GUARDIAN: Alexander Litvinenko widow accuses William Hague of sabotaging inquest. Marina Litvinenko speaks out after coroner agrees to exclude material suggesting Russian agencies were involved in killing. Read more:…Read More

Дознание по Литвиненко перенесли на октябрь-Litvinenko inquest delayed for five months

The poisoned KGB agent's inquest was due to start on 1 May, but at a pre-inquest review coroner Sir Robert Owen said he was postponing it "with great reluctance". Read more: More
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