New World, New DVD!

Here is news about our beautiful new DVD and how you can obtain one for yourself and for those you love, just in time for the holidays. They will make lovely, heart-full gifts!

Hope for a Great New Year!

If you're still looking for ways to help good non-profits in 2011, here is news about Little Pearls: Not much time left!

Learning to Walk a High Wire - E-news link

Here is our most recent e-newsletter - no wonder you haven't heard from me in awhile! Life is full of challenges, and very good things, too. Lots of great links, especially for new Dog Pearls and Asheville-area events.…Read More

Timely Links for Little Pearls

For this 10th anniversary of September 11, here are our two "Child to Child" videos, created soon after the tragedy. The 30 second Pearl: The 5 minute mini-documentary: Our most recent e-news has more:…Read More

Great Katie's Little Pearl - new audio!

We have recorded new audio for the very first Little Pearl, a 30 second gem that is full of love. I like the new version, with vocals by Kat Williams, even better than Van Morrison's version - so much heart and intimacy in this one. Check it out and share,…Read More

Little Pearls News for July

Our July e-news is "Miracles and Moving Forward!" Lots of good stuff happening, finally! Please sign up for our newsletter if you like what you see. Happy almost-weekend!

Update on DVD sampler

We're sending a BIG thank you to Asheville Area Arts Council & North Carolina Arts Council, and to all those who supported our matching grant challenge, for supporting us in making our long-awaited DVD sampler. Music rights issues have delayed our…Read More
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