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Greetings, Thank you for supporting Linking Lives on Facebook. Linking Lives continues to impact the lives of many Ethiopians living with HIV, addiction, and fistula. Even though we are a small organization we choose our projects carefully. It is vital that…Read More

Birthday Donations to Linking Lives Please ask your friends to make a donation to Linking Lives in your honor on your next birthday!

Dr. Mesfin is here

Dr. Mesfin arrived from Ethiopia Friday night. He will be here in San Antonio for the next two weeks. This week he is at Lifetime Recovery Center observing substance abuse treatment first hand. Next week he will be at the UTHSC Medical School. Thanks to all…Read More

report from one of our projects

Hi all, I received this project update today. These people live in one of the poorest sections of Addis. They are living with HIV, are taking their medications, and are trying to stay alive. If you or someone wants to help out, please contact me on Facebook…Read More

thank you

Hey all, Thanks again for your support and for recruiting people to join Linking Lives. You are wonderful!

thanks for supporting linking lives

hey all, thanks so much for supporting linking lives. we are really excited about the ethiopian psychiatrist we are bring to san antonio in december to learn about substance abuse treatment. please encourage your friends to join us. it costs nothing more than…Read More


Hi all, Thanks so much for supporting Linking Lives by joining on Facebook. I wrote on the Wall about the Ethiopian psychiatrist we are bringing to San Antonio in early December. If you know anyone on Facebook who would be willing to join Linking Lives please…Read More

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