A new push

Dear friends, It's a been a year since Senator Francis Escudero filed SB 2187 but nothing has moved. This even with the DILG directive ordering local politicians to desist from putting their names, initials and what not on public property. Now we have…Read More

Our new mission: Support Senate Bill No. 2187

My dear friends, Last week, Senator Francis Escudero filed a bill that, if passed, can leave a lasting contribution to democracy in the Philippines. Unfortunately and unbelievably, Senate Bill No. 2187, which seeks to criminalize politicians' practice of…Read More

Yellow Friday!

Reminder: Tomorrow is Yellow Friday. Wear yellow. Make the competition feel our presence. Our color is the real opinion survey. Makisama! Sincerely, Norm www.lanuevaligafilipina.wordpress.com

Alert! Text and pass!

WARNING. Text message from a Very Reliable Source. : "Cat's out of the bag. VILLAR IS GMA'S SECRET CANDIDATE. Mike Arroyo met Villar in Mike Defensor's house Jan. 7. Villar promised to make GMA Speaker of the House if he wins. GMA promised logistical support.…Read More

Create a Virtual Motorcade

Hello, everyone. A few days from now, Noynoy and Mar will formalize their candidacies. It will be the official start of our bid to take back our Pilipinas. But this early, we CAN do some things to help in the fight to bring back decency, honesty and…Read More

Project 10/10 -- A Noynoy-Mar Campaign Fundraiser

It has begun. Below is an email forwarded to me from the Noynoy-Mar campaign. Project 10/10 is a campaign fundraiser. I've already started forming my own cell (five more to go). Who wants in? Gird yourselves for battle. Our fight for democracy, decency in…Read More

Time to Get Serious

My thoughts on last weekend’s tragedy: When government isn’t serious about enforcing anti-littering laws, common people die. When government isn’t serious about enforcing air pollution regulations, common people die. When government isn’t serious about…Read More
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