Just a reminder

I'm overwhelmed to see how many members is part of the cause. We must be the light of this earth. There are do many broken hurt people and we need to be there for one another. Please remember that Jesus lived you and has a special purpose for your life. Be…Read More

Today I choose Joy

Good day everyone, i trust all of you are well. Today I would like to ask you to choose JOY. Life is hard and its not easy to be joyfully in difficult times but we can choose joy and know that God is with us. We are so blessed. Have a joyful week God bless

Honor the Victims of Sandy Hook: From Moment of Silence to Moment of Action

Hi everyone. We need to come together around the community in Sandy Hook after last week's tragic shooting. Please take action with me and join in a moment of silence with this community on Friday. Now is the time to put aside our differences and show our…Read More

Dear Friends

We all know how wonderful our God is. I would like to take this time and thank God for all He has done for us. Yes there as many tears, trails and heartache in this past year, but there was also good times. We sometimes look so deep into our difficult lives…Read More

Dear Members

Thank you for all you messages and post. Let's keep spreading the word of God. I would just like to say that this is NOT an Islamic Cause and therfore ask that no Islamic Videos is posted on this cause. Please respect our wishes. Regards Anneline

God loves you!!!

Good day all my dear friends, There is one thing I would like to say today, God loves you so very much. I know times is very hard, but He is right there with you. Just call His name and He will give you comfort. Please turn to God and not away from Him. The…Read More

Endurance and hope

Hi my good friends, How is your week so far? I really pray that everything is going well with you. Today I want to talk to you about something that is in everybody’s lives and that is suffering. We all have suffering to some extend and what you experience…Read More
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