:-) God is alive (-:

God is amazing, and worthy to be praised. Not unto us, Lord, not unto us, but to Your name be the glory. We are spreading this msg through facebook and we are so exited to see God change hearts. If there is something on your heart you would like to share with…Read More

Die erns van die saak

Sorry about the afrikaans, guys Dis soms vir my n ongelooflike skok om te hoor met watter watter gesindheid daar gepraat word van my Koning. 'n Koning wat aan die kruis gesterf het vir my, juis omdat Hy so erg is oor my. 'n Koning wat die wêreld in Sy hand…Read More

This festive season

Chrismas is a time of giving...not only giving presents wraped in fancy paper...but also giving ourselves and our time to those who need an ear more than everything. Isnt it amazing that Jesus Christ, gave His EVERYTHING out of his love? Infact His WHOLE…Read More

Being there

 Friends Giving is one of the most powerful things we as followers of Christ can do. Not only giving our money, but by also giving our time. In this festive season approaching, all around the world there are people thats hungry...hungry for someone to…Read More

7 500!!!

Life's not about me, its about God Plz invite all your friends to join this cause...and lets see how fast we can reach 7 500 members!!! Also remember that you are more than welcome to write something on the pagewall about this topic. By letting this…Read More


Guys, confessing that life is not about us, is one of the most powerful things that we can say. The cause is now almost at 5000 strong, please invite all your contacts on facebook to also join. Not only is this cause a confession we, as a group make, it is…Read More

Pray pray pray!!!!!!

God is moving....and He is healing our land. Please pray, and dont stop. We know that when we lift up our Saviour, we are drawing people closer to Him. I strongly feel that we need to start praying!!! In John 12:32 Jesus says "And I, if I am lifted up from…Read More
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