What is the average distance that a Kenyan must walk to find water during a drought?

5 miles (10% people answered this) 15 miles (24% people answered this) 25 miles (23% people answered this) 35 miles (20% people answered this) 50 miles (20% people answered this) 3479 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: 35 miles …Read More

Update on October 16, 2012

WOW! I was hoping for 200, but almost 2000 took my quizz. THANK YOU for caring. I know the water crisis seems huge, but the solutions are attainable. Check out "My Dam Movie" (http://www.causes.com/causes/792503-lemonaid-warriors/actions/1689773) to see how…Read More

Watch My Dam Movie!

Thanks to everyone who took my dam quiz! I was also moved when I learned that some Kenyans have to walk 35 miles for water, which is why I'm doing something more about it. YOU can help protect thousands of people from future droughts in Kenya! Join me and my…Read More

It's About Dam Time! 3,000 Kenyans Now Have Water.

If you thought walking 35 miles for water was a problem too big to tackle, I have good news! With the help of my LemonAID Warriors, my Causes.com team, and the amazing band, HANSON, we completed funding for a dam that will collect water during the wet season,…Read More

Our Dam Party with HANSON!

LemonAID Warriors, with a little help from the amazing band, HANSON, raised $15,000.00 toward building a dam in Kenya. Watch the party video to see what happens when a Grammy nominated band mentors youth musicians and activists to help our friends in…Read More


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