It's that time again, time to recruit more supporters of Legalize Public Nudity

Every now and then I like to remind everyone to take a minute to invite more friends to join our cause to show support for the legalization of public nudity. It just takes a minute so hope you'll help us gain some new members, thanks.

We need more supporters of the Legalize Public Nudity cause

If we want to show the public that nudists are not just this little splinter group of weirdos, but instead or normal everyday people who have simply gotten over our irrational fear of naked bodies, we need to do it with big numbers. So please take a moment to…Read More

The 'Legalize Public Nudity' Cause now has a new Leader.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the "Legalize Public Nudity" group now has a new leader and the focus is back to being about raising awareness that public nudity is not a crime nor indecent. I have taken over to get this cause back on course & hope…Read More


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