Vote Labour in the General Election

In the run up to the general election please can you join the below group below, it's part of an effort to get as many Labour members into one group as…Read More

Join the Co-operative Party

Anthony Mckeown just posted a link to your cause, Labour Party (UK) ( Gordon Brown is to put the co-op ideal at heart of Labour manifesto ( for the general election. With all the talk of…Read More

Against the odd's campaign

Ellie Gellard has started up a campaign to get one of the films made for screening at party conference shown on TV as a party political broadcast. The campaign is lobbying the Labour Party to use the "Against The Odds"…Read More

Join us and be part of the journey

A Britain where the economy is strong and stable, where there is a first class health service free at the point of use, where education is always a prority, and where your family are treated equally and can feel safe and secure. This is the Britain we are…Read More

Welcome to the Labour Party cause

Welcome and thanks for joining the brand new cause for the Labour Party. As far as i can see we are the only British Party so far with a cause, which puts us one ahead. Please invite as many people who you think are likely to join as possible. cheers, Jack.
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