LAST CALL for Relay for Life

Last call to join Team Krazy Kristen for Relay for Life. The walking event is June 26-27. Walk as little or much as you like in support of the American Cancer Society. The event is at Kalles JH in Puyallup and is from 6 p.m. to 6 p.m. You can sign up for…Read More

Team Krazy Kristen Event: Relay for Life

We are less than one-month away from the Relay for Life. This is a 24-hour walking event where we will walk in shifts. This is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Team Krazy Kristen will be walking in honor of cancer survivors Kristen Hill and…Read More

TKK set for Relay for Life

Wow, that was quick. Looks like a ton of you guys are interested in doing Relay for Life. The more the merrier. More good news: Kristen is setting her sites on this event as one she can participate in. I’ve signed up the team and now those of you who can…Read More

TKK and Relay for Life?

Kristen is doing OK, but not great - yet. She is extremely bloated and carrying around an extra 14 pounds at the moment. The docs say this will pass (literally). We are still counting on her feeling better by next week. Now, I'm looking for a show of hands.…Read More

Kristen finishes chemo, TKK takes silver

It was pretty anticlimactic considering how long we’ve been waiting for this moment, but Kristen finished Chemo today at 3:20 p.m. I’d just stepped out the door to talk to a nurse when I heard Kristen’s IV machine beeping. I feel like I can work these things…Read More


Here’s a quick update on Kristen and Team Krazy Kristen. First, Kristen is doing much better today. She’s still has a weird feeling in her chest and she’s low on energy, but the nausea is much better the farther we get from the last chemo treatment. Her…Read More

Team Krazy Kristen Shirts

Team Krazy Kristen is less than a week old and it’s already off to an awesome start. Today the team got its 250th member (Darcy Ceccoli. Sorry no prizes.) and we’ve raised almost $1,000 for the American Cancer Society. Now, as promised, it’s T-shirt time.…Read More
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