Preferred causes

Here are my 3 preferred causes: Lebanon: a Non-Aligned Country Koullouna Lil Watan Lebanese women are 100% Lebanese Join them and invite your friends to do the same. May this year brings joy and happiness to you and your family.

Saint Vincent de Paul School - HELP!

please go to my causes and join the Saint Vincent de Paul one. For this festive season, you can, with a small transfer/gift , allow school Saint Vincent de Paul to continue its mission. School can be contacted at this number 01/500554 or directly M. Albert…Read More

Not after 69 years old!

thank you for joining "koullouna lil watan" cause. Invite your friends to join my second favorite for a real change of our leadership. No more "active" politicians after 69 yo! go to find cause, type: Not after 69 years old! ; here you are. Thank you. you…Read More


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