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iPads and Inclusive Ed

Share your stories and tips of how iPads are supporting children with disabilities to participate in general education activities and access to the curriculum. What are you favorite apps?

Show your support for inclusion!

Visit "The Parent Side" on-line store to find products that help promote inclusion! http://www.theparentside.com

Check out the photos from the Disability Pride Day in Philadelphia

Check out the photos from the Disability Pride Day in Philadelphia! Justin Dart's wheelchair and exhibit on disability rights were unveiled at the Nation Constitution Center! Justin was a leader in disability rights and was present when A.D.A. was signed.…Read More

3 Days left to sign petition and create awareness of supporting people with disabilities in community

It should be of concern to all of us what impact federal cuts will have on people in society who need our help. Public programs already barely keep up with the needs of people with disabilities putting them at very high risk. All of the hard-won progress…Read More


Sign petition on White House website supporting Medicaid funding for children and adults with disabilities and seniors to get services in their homes and communities! Reduce costs, end institutional funding bias, and stop waiting lists. Go to the petition…Read More

Sign Petition on White House website to fund Community Services for People with Disabilities

Share this button with many others! We can't afford to force people into institutions & nursing homes! It's time to bring the issue to the public's attention. Please sign the petition and share! It is on the White House "We the People"…Read More

Support people in their communities - White House Petition

All people with disabilities want is the same as everyone else, to be able to live, work, and participate in their communities. They need community based care to be expanded, not cut. They should not be forced into more costly institutional settings in order…Read More
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