New Page Outside of Causes Called "Keep Same Sex Marriage Legal in Iowa And Legalize it in All States"

I started a new page outside of causes. You can like it and help get the word out and remember to post your stories for people to read. Your story may help another person or may brighten someones day. Also, be sure to post pictures from wedding celebrations…Read More

4th Supreme Court Judge

During this election they are going to try and get the 4th Judge (David Wiggins) out of the Supreme Court for helping legalize Same Sex Marriage in Iowa. Let's so our support and help to keep him in. Don't let them out another Judge for trying to help.


Remember members try and get more to join the cause. We have a voice and we need to be heard.

Try to reach 1000 members

Good job everyone for the support. Let's keep it up and I think our next goal will be 1000 members. :) Recruite all who want to join... Great job and keep up the good work. Let's get the word of love out.


Congratulations to everyone we now have 1,187 members. I would like to see how long it takes us to get 5,000 members and then we can make bigger goals. This is great that everyone cares so much and keep up the good work. :) KEEP SAME SEX MARRIAGE LEGAL IN…Read More


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