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Get South Korea To Stop Burning Dogs And Cats Alive

My greatest passion - animals. My strongest hatred - animal abuse. My friend Mahmoud Mousavidehshikh sent me a request to sign the petition for this issue and now that I'm aware of the horrific abuse being committed by these sadistic, worthless, p.o.s. fucks in South Korea, I've started this second petition to "REMIND" President Geun-Hye Park of the Animal Protection Law first established on May 7,1991. More specifically, to the amendment made on June 29, 2011 which increased greater punishment for violation of animal protection laws from 5 million KRW or six months in jail to 10 million KRW or one year in jail and the more recent amendment passed by members of the South Korean National Assembly on July 2, 2013 which clarifies the definition of cruelty to animals and it enables people who circulate animal cruelty videos to be fined up to 3 million Korean won (approximately $2,700 USD). Please help us get our message across to President Geun-Hye Park to start ENFORCING THE ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS by signing this and the one at Thanks.

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