Mad at the world

Its my sister, Kaits Birthday today. Wish she was here to celebrate it

Question; Is there still public interest in Kait's case?

Question; Is there still public interest in Kait's case? We asked our tech guy to check and see how many hits we are getting on Kait's Web site . We got his response, and I couldn't believe what I was reading. Kait's Investigative Web site is averaging…Read More

Over 20 years and it still seems like yesterday

On the anniversary of Kait's death, each member of our family, wherever we are, lights a candle to bring light to her spirit. On one anniversary, when her sister Robin lit a candle, she heard a sudden sharp snap on the far side of the room. The glass on…Read More

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Ever heard of the Garrity Law? If not, visit our Real Crimes site and scroll down to the Paul Fitzjerrel case. You will be horrified.

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We wont make a difference unless people start talking! Tell your friends and family to tell their friends and family!!!!

Please donate

Anyone who wants to donate to this cause may do so by sending that donation to NIA/NM, a non-profit investigation agency. Stipulate that the donation is to be used for expenses involved in pro-bono investigations for families of murder victims. The address…Read More

My sister Kait

Donnie Arquette just posted a photo to your cause, REAL CRIMES - REAL CASES. Real cover-up and corruption by law enforcement. ( read about her case at ; Thanks, Donnie…Read More
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