Remembering the fallen

The blue line represents law enforcement who daily protect this nation. The black background was designed as a constant reminder of our fallen officers. In honor of the four murdered Washigton State Police Officers, I made this my profile photo until their…Read More

Our 1st goal was completed on Sept 17th, now the second

 Hello Everyone, As you all know the reason this cause was set up was to prevent the person who killed David while driving under the influence from being released on parole. Well on September 17th our goal was reached by the denial of parole for the…Read More

Parole Denied

The parole of  Robert Urbanec has been denied by the state of Wisconsin. Special thanks to Karen who spoke on behalf of the family at the hearing. Beautiful statement that was read with such class and style. To everyone who joined and supported this cause,…Read More

Hearing is Tommorrow

 Hello All, Tomorrow is the parole hearing and just wanted to thank everyone that sent the letters and petitions in. We dont know the amount that was received by the state but I was informed a significant volume has been received. So thank you all. I will…Read More

Hearing Date

Hello All, Just a quick note, the parole hearing has been set for September 17th, 2009. My sister Karen and I will be attending for the family, and we will keep you posted up to date as futher information comes to us. Again to everyone who has joined and…Read More

Not to Late to send letters

Evening All, We've just received notice that the parole hearing will be around September 14, 2006. So if you haven't sent your letters of petitions in we still have time. I set the deadline for August 20,2009 to enable the letters to be in front of the…Read More

Please Send Your Letters and Petitions, Deadline is Tomorrow

Hello All, Please forgive me for the additional emails. I was informed some people havent received a few of the notices so if this is a duplicate I'm sorry but I wanted to stress the deadline is tomorrow. I just wanted to remind everyone that the deadline is…Read More
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