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Let's Get to 10,000 Cause Supporters

Joyful Heart Supporters, Thank you so much for all you do to promote our mission to heal and empower survivors of violence and abuse. We have a lot planned for the months ahead and want to spread our message far and wide. Will you help us pass the 10,000…Read More

VOTE JOY - Help Joyful Heart Win $500,000 to End the Backlog of Untested Rape Kits

Dear Joyful Heart Supporters Since its inception, Joyful Heart has directly served over 5,000 individuals through our healing and wellness programs, tens of thousands have received life-saving information through our website, and our public awareness and…Read More

Help JHF Win $500,000 to Help Survivors of Violence and Abuse

Dear Joyful Heart Cause Supporters, Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of JHF. Your willingness to stand with us means a tremendous amount. If you've been following us on our official Facebook page, you know that we've been involved in the first…Read More

Let's reach 10,000 members!

Hi Everyone. There are a lot of exciting things going on at JHF and we're eager to share them with you as we build a community that is courageous enough to turn towards the issues of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Will you help us grow our…Read More

A Message from Mariska

Joyful Hearts, We just wanted to forward on this note from Mariska. We all hope you'll help out effort! Hey Everyone: I have a very exciting--and potentially very joyful--opportunity to share with you. The Joyful Heart Foundation is participating in the…Read More

Joyful Heart is in the top 60 of America's Giving Challenge

Good Afternoon! As you might know, the Joyful Heart Foundation is participating in America's Giving Challenge. Whichever cause has the highest number of donations ($10 minimum, each individual can make up to one donation per day between 3:00pm EST and 2:59pm…Read More

Cause Donations Have Been Fixed

Hi Everyone, Many of you might have experienced trouble making donations through the Cause Application in recent weeks. We're pleased to announce that we've remedied the problem and your donations can now be processed. This couldn't come at a better time,…Read More
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