No to Kites

say NO to kites and save birds..

Donate for jivdaya cause

Jivdaya Premi,Jivdaya is the foundation of jainism/hinduism.Our heartly appeal to you to donate as much as you can. Jain Alert Group, Motisha Road, Byculla, Mumbai. Phone:23791586

Happy Paryushan

Happy Paryushan to all!! time to rejuvenate your mind body and soul to gain positive energy for the whole year and leave behind the negativity in you!!!

Slaughter House will remain closed

Slaughter houses all over india will be closed for 8 days during paryushan starting from today..GOVT CIRCULAR NO 7270\2010\H1\11.05

jivdaya cause fb page

Freedom for animals

Do animals have freedom as we Free Indian's have??? Yes,Especially in India there are many laws releated to animal rights and if its violated by anyone then an action can be taken against him by the police. India was the first country to set up animal welfare…Read More

Happy Independance Day

Proud to be a citizen of a great country like India.. The one who were minority once are now having the majority in the country still we dont have any issues to live with them.. just for the name sake they are minority.... I am proud of my innocent loving…Read More
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