Know the Facts Myth #1: You can get the flu from the flu vaccine. FALSE – This is impossible. The flu vaccine does not actually carry a live virus; it contains inactivated or weakened organisms. Vaccine manufacturers grow the flu virus in eggs, then cleanse…Read More

U.S.-Mandated Report Finds Vaccines Safe for Kids

An exhaustive new report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has found that children's vaccines are safe and there's no connection between certain vaccines and autism or type 1 diabetes in kids. It is our hope that this report will ease parents' fears and…Read More


Dearest Members, Please take a moment to share Joeys story with your loved ones. As noted below, Joeys story has been highlighted in the National edition of The Vaccine…Read More


**Merry Christmas JoeyBear. Mommy really misses you and wonders what it is that you would have asked for this year. Would you have been the first one to wake up, run downstairs and scream " Santa Came, Mama Santa Came, Get Up, Get Up!!", Would you have ripped…Read More

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Today's Flu News, December 10, 2010

Today's Flu News, December 10, 2010 USA Today, Sebelius: Everyone needs the flu vaccine Minneapolis Star Tribune, One-third of Twin Cities kids have gotten flu shots FierceVaccines, Fauci outlines universal flu vax challenges Houston Chronicle, Doctors…Read More

Mutated form of the H1N1 virus could be more deadly, researchers say

Today's Flu News, October 25, 2010 Reuters, New swine flu strain emerges New swine flu strain emerges Reuters, By Maggie Fox, October 21, 2010 WASHINGTON — The H1N1 swine flu virus may be starting to mutate, and a slightly new form has begun to predominate…Read More
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