Don't miss a match! Join and donate today to maximize your impact!

The 2010 JASC Scholarship Challenge has been issued! Recruit your friends to join our cause and raise $2 from alumnus, Loc Van for every new member. Then, have your donation matched my the generosity of Lane Rettig! Now is your chance to help this year's…Read More

Wow! Only 4 Days and $409 to go!

There is a donor match challenge on the table for $1,000 if we raise the last $409 in the next 4 days!! We're so close every $25 really counts. Please donate today.

JASCers need your help!

Hi all - we're almost there but we only have TWO weeks left to raise enough for a JASC scholarship! Every donation helps and Loc Van is still holding up to his challenge of TRIPLING the highest donation from 57th or 58th JASCers. We've raised OVER $1,000…Read More

A Donor Match for JASC!

Hi all - There is a donor match for the JASC cause! If we reach the goal than alum, Stanton Lawyer will donate $150!! Please contribute today every little bit counts! ~Regina

Let's Raise a Scholarship!

Hi JASC supporters! Let's come together and raise enough for a 61st JASC scholarship. If everyone who belongs gave just $17 we would have enough for one scholarship!

JASC - Cause Challenge - Need to add new cause

Hi JASCers! Please consider helping JASC win the Cause Giving Challenge for Sunday/Monday. We just learned that we had to start a new donation page - just for this challenge, so please join and donate through the cause called "JASC - Cause Giving Challenge"…Read More
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