We need your support!

Hello All, We have stalled with new Cause members and petition signatures---we are asking all existing Cause members to try and recruit at least one member and one signature--we could easily double our membership. Thank you to all who have supported us…Read More

Today is the anniversary...

Asking all supporters to push for new members and new signatures in memory of Jackson.... Peace, Kim

Push for Members and Petition Signatures in memory of the Anniversary of Jackson's Death

Hello All, As we continue to work in support of Jackson's Law, we are campaigning to reach our goal of 3000 supporters and 3000 signatures on the petition. The anniversary of Jackson's death occurs this month, it has been a long but rewarding 2 years as we…Read More

Welcome to our new supporters!

Thank you to everyone who has joined our cause recently and to all of our cause members for continuing to share and recruit new members! Please remember to sign the petition, we had a celebration this week of reaching 1000 signatures- our enxt goal is…Read More

We Need More Signatures

Hello All, Thank you for your continued support- and thank you for recruiting more members to the cause-  We now need more petition signatures- we haven't had a new signature in almost a month and we are so close to our first goal of 1000 signatures and…Read More

Happy New Year and Thank You!

Thank you to all of the supporters of Jackson's Law- we made a great deal of progress in 2012 and our hope is to continue to grow this year and see real change happen. None of this could have happened without your support- Peace, Kim

We Need Your Help

Thank you to all of our supporters... we are still working towards a goal of 3,000 members by the end of the year. If each existing member recruited just one new member we would surpass our goal. Please take moment to share the cause to save the paws.
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