JAAGO IS GROWING!! Our second branch, the Tongi Branch, is now underway. We will be starting soon with 80 students. We will need a lot of sponsors for the kids. Interested sponsors please send a mail to [email protected] We are also looking for…Read More

Full time Job

JAAGO Foundation is looking for Web Designer, Volunteer Manager & Executive Assistant to the Founder. All jobs are full time paid jobs. Please email your CV @ [email protected]

Brush & Paste Distrubution @ JAAGO

JAAGO is my first home said the young girl, when she was asked about weather she likes JAAGO or not. In JAAGO Foundation we equally focus of English, Bangla, Maths and extra curriculum activities. But that doesn't limit our boundaries. We give priority on…Read More

Leo club’s A,B,C,D:

Leo club’s A,B,C,D: Vitamin A: The children of JAAGO got a healthy dose of Vitamin A in the beginning of the program arranged by the Leo club of Dhaka Heaven Plus. Members of the club distributed tablets among the children. Almost all the children of JAAGO…Read More

The Story of the Apple Candy

A tray full of candy usually means a special treat for the children at JAAGO. But Asfin Haider decided to get candies specially wrapped for the people who toil day in and day out to give what they know best to the little children in the school - the…Read More

JAAGO’s new Australian friends

As JAAGO supporters know the JAAGO foundation school is only able to do the amazing work it does by the individual sponsors who support our children. JAAGO Foundation School is proud to announce that it is also inspiring the international community. Our…Read More

A Special Donation

JAAGO welcomes all kinds of donations, from clothes to shoes but what Asfin Haider had in mind was truly out of the box. Asfin haider is a big supporter of JAAGO foundation and a volunteer at the school. Working at JAAGO she realized that a lot of children…Read More
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