Safe Drinking Water for Haiti Earthquake Victims

We're closing the I THIRST-ival at Cause. Our focus is on the devastation in Haiti and getting teams and water systems down there ASAP. Right now the plan is to send three teams, 18 persons and 9 systems by Jan 20. We need air mileage. Call…Read More

Please Help....

"I Thirst" is starting at 7:00 which means that you still have time to make a donation that will bring clean drinking water to indigenous people. I know some of you have given and I really appreciate that. I'm asking those who have not given to at least give…Read More

Counting On YOU

Please take the time to watch this short video. Please don't laugh because I made it as I was running out the door to leave for KY. The production is not the greatest but the message I think is clear. Time is running short and we need your…Read More


Good Evening Everyone, I'm really looking forward to "I Thirst" tomorrow evening and I'm more jazzed about you being a member of I Thirst-ival. Like I said, "I Thirst" kicks of tomorrow at 7:00 and it is time to rally up the troops and get as many of your…Read More

Serving Passionatly for Others: Facebook Cause : I Thirst-ival

Hello I Thirst-ival Members, I want to take this time to personally thank everyone that has joined our cause. I'm very passionate about this cause and it has been an honor to be part of something that is much larger than myself. Last week, I had the pleasure…Read More

Invite your friends to join I THIRST-ival.

The more people join this cause the faster we reach the goal of $7,150. Please take the time to "Invite" your friends, and donate at least $10 yourself. DE Adams

Stay Connected / Don't Miss Out on the Good Works

Hey folks, I want to personally thank you for taking interest in this cause. I hope that you will go one step further and get involved. Why? Well, the first reason is to raise money to being clean water to those who need it. The people that you will help,…Read More
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