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    Live in Ocala, Florida, which is horse country. Foaling season is in full swing right now.

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    I am retired now but still serving this great nation. I Stand with my Handler Joe Kelly Sturm a Disabled Vietnam Veteran US Army 68-72. We Stand together as members of the Kentucky patriot guard Riders I am the only K-9 Vet and 1 of only 2 in the nation as I know of now. I am visiting Schools/Prison Rescue Training Programs Wounded warrior Dinners/VFW and Veterans Functions. I was the Only War Dog In the !st Welcome Home Iraq Veterans Day parade in St Louis Mo.I love attention and children and people period. I get plenty of love/ rest/ exercise/ care and attention and Couch time I love retirement. I worked and and gave my whole life to the Marine Corps. My Kennel Master said I was the Bomb Dog he ever had/// and at Cherry Point NC. I brought 2 Different Handlers Home from a War Zone to their loved ones. Stopped an Ambush on our Convoy smelled them hiding in a Canal 6 armed insurgents one with a suicide Vest trying to hide from my nose I saved some Soldiers that day. Earned my Combat Action Ribbon from the Firefights I was in..Earned the Navy and Marie Achievement Medal. I as a K9 warrior that I am as worthy of this award as any other MWD. My Watch is Done time to be just a old dog and enjoy life thanks SEMPER FI BEYCO WE enter this Contest in HONOR of the WAR DOGS of Vietnam who were left behind. GONE but not Forgotten. I Remember Joe Kelly Sturm MWD Beyco's Handler Disabled Vietnam Veteran US Army 68-72 NEVER AGAIN!!!! VOTE BEYCO 4/1/12-6/30/12

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