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    Luke McGlynn-White

    I never stand for Selfish/Arrogant and Stupid people who profit for their own personal lives. I fight for my Future, And to Protect my Family and Friends (Y)

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    Julien Arbor

    Human Rights, Disability & Cannabis Advocate, Syringomyelia Warrior, Former Clinical Health Psychologist, Proud Multiracial Intersectionalist

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    Scott Adams

    www.causes.com/causes/409526-children-s-rights https://plus.google.com/u/0/113121606316253946179/about https://plus.google.com/110338916848194641085

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    David Quinn
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    Clare Wakeman
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    ✔ VERTIFIED MJFan & MJFam !! ♥♥*•.¸.♥♥I ..L.O.V.E ..MICHAEL JACKSON ♥.•* •.♥ HES MY LIFE .., My Everything !! ❤☺

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    Out Gay
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    Genevieve Alcurrie

    See my Facebook.com/rodalc3 site.(I was born a man,but I found out early on that my feelings and my likes were those of a woman,so I have a wonderful famiy that gave me love and support to overcome the hate and fear,because,lets face it,the hate is because of the fear of not knowing and not understanding that we are just like they are.We are human beings with the same feelings and wants,the same need for love and understanding.

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