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    i'm samuel ibrahim from abuja,nigeria?

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    Westsider, dedicated to helping those who want a safe place to live and raise their children. Want to give back 68 years of life experience.

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    social services . Not all. But there are many...who take upon themself to have the two goody goody act who speaks politely and laughs along being a friend to all. Then the other the monster whos out to take ur child from the start and all is part of the game then soon as they have u were they need to.... Bang.... Yr left standing against the world and ur kids r gone.u not a leg to stand on.noone will listen. Ur made to be unhealthy as a parent and who mistreats their child every way from mentally.emotionally.neglecting ways. And yr either a nut case and emotionally unstable so unable to parent them. Or ur a drug user and addict who always puts their needs over their childrens. But either way its a scandulous system wher the ppl employed to do a job to protect.come into ur home.leave you with not a shred of pivacy.degrade u in many ways.try and beat u and grind u till u fall and give in trying to stop them from profitting from kidnappin the kids and mostly placing them into direct high risk danger

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    Live in Ocala, Florida, which is horse country. Foaling season is in full swing right now.

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