• Debra Jean Matheny
  • Jess Collins
23 interested
  • disability_rights
    Julien Arbor

    Human Rights, Disability & Cannabis Advocate, Syringomyelia Warrior, Former Clinical Health Psychologist, Proud Multiracial Intersectionalist

  • animal_rights
    Misty Nickerson

    I am 41 year old woman that has many life experiences the average person does not have all at the same time. I am a loving mother, and a survivor of PAS.

  • Stephen Walling
  • coexist
    Beatriz Ana Lifschitz

    Vivo y dejo vivir...unos lo hacen como quieren , otros como pueden. Creo en un Mundo mejor, se puede si todos aportamos nuestro granito de arena. No todo es dinero, concientizar sirve tambien. Como no puedo ofrecer dinero, ofrezco mi voluntad en mi tiempo libre de concientizar a otros a que de la forma que puedan colaboren. Como dijo ALMAFUERTE: " No te des por vencido, ni aún vencido, no te sientas esclavo, ni aún esclavo; trémulo de pavor, piénsate bravo, y acomete feroz, ya mal herido.

  • animal_abuse
    Shayan Dutta

    I am a B.Tech student of AEIE at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. I passed 10 & 12 from Hare School, Kolkata. I am a straight forward and a frank boy.

  • Raphael Afanvi
  • support_the_elderly
    Debra Jean Matheny

    I am an anti public corruption activist, advocating for the less fortunate.

  • Jess Collins
  • Carol Ann
  • Keepingitreal LovingRobertforlife

    I am 28 years old. Attending for about two years at the University of Phoenix. I am going for my bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I want to be a family lawyer.

  • Tamara Ann
  • united_states
    AmericanFathers LiberationArmy

    JOIN US~~> ~ ~

  • horse_lover
    Laura Saxon

    Live in Ocala, Florida, which is horse country. Foaling season is in full swing right now.

  • Mary Wider
  • Omar Inguanzo

    Proud Father & Grandfather Fighting to Preserve Parent – Child Relationships

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