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    One World One Love One Race

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    Kelly Mooney

    I wear many hats centered around making a world of difference in the lives of others: Event Promoter/Manager/Agent,singer,ministry,advocate,causes, & more!!

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    Kim Li
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    Lauren Kozen

    I am an animal lover, to the core. I will do ANYTHING I can to save the life of an animal. My mission is to educate people about all of the cruelty & neglect millions of animals suffer every day. I am also a member of Care2 Petition Site, Change petition site and MANY more. I am also a huge animal activist. No measure is too small when it comes to helping animals. Even if all you do is sign a few petitions, you are making a difference. Help me make a difference. Help save animals from all forms of abuse & neglect.

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    Robert Duffett

    I have been around for 60 years and have witnessed so much pain. Maybe I can help in some way, even a little, through some of the Causes I believe in.

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  • Dana Jacoviello

    Writer, motivational/spiritual mentor/coach, psychology, faith, love, animals, activist, social media, charity, medtiation, inspire, recovery, healing, grateful

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    Laura Saxon

    Live in Ocala, Florida, which is horse country. Foaling season is in full swing right now.

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