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    Santana Mrle
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  • Corey Phinney

    Corey Phinney is a Motivational, Inspirational blogger, Speaker, Advocate for Awareness and soon to be an Author. See Corey's Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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    Laura Saxon

    Live in Ocala, Florida, which is horse country. Foaling season is in full swing right now.

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    Granpa of 12 fisherman and fishwomen.

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    Sederhana dan suka kesederhanaan, Santai, Serius dan Sukses Amin....

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    Shelley Bass Temple

    I love life. Don't take things so seriously as much anymore since I was diagnosed with a microadenoma in 2011. Try to be inspirational,happy and try help others

  • StopPlaying Headgames!/BikersAgainstChildTrafficking Check out our website

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    I am a very loving Capricorn and helping others makes me most Happy :)