Celebrating Hope!

Join us on a night of dance and song, plus South African food from Avalon Catering, and wine from Worthwhile Wines! Todays silent auction item 4 Celebrating Hope is a $50 gift card to Savage Pizza in Little 5 Points! Come see Soweto Street Beat, South African…Read More

Celebrating Hope silent auction updates! Hey everybody! An update on the Celebrating Hope Event's silent auction items! we have more coming, so keep checking back in to our blog page! Miranda

Buy your tickets now to Isipho's first major fundraising event - Celebrating Hope!

Celebrating Hope is Isipho’s annual event to celebrate the great changes happening in Nzinga, South Africa through Isipho. The evening includes South African music, dance, food and wine, as well as a silent auction featuring a wide array of items, including…Read More

Nzinga success update

Hi everyone. Miranda just created a blog post with some photos and a brief recap of how the first growing season is going. There are some big successes. The people of Nzinga are really taking the opportunity to help themselves and are working very…Read More

Happy Letters from Nzinga

Sheri White Lynch just posted a link to your cause, Isipho ( Miranda's latest blog tells about the exciting letters and photos we received from Nzinga this week. Check it out! Thanks, Sheri White Lynch Ilm…Read More

Please join us

Due to a few recent Facebook changes, we now find the Isipho "Cause" page difficult to manage. It's hard to send emails to members, it's hard to upload pictures, etc. So, we're making some changes. This email is to invite you to join us on the Friends of…Read More
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