ISBO's Coming Out Event!

Friends and supporters of bottom-up organizing: Have you read with interest ISBO’s book, The Bottom Will Rise and Create a New World? Well, we are pleased to invite you to attend ISBO’s (and the book’s) “coming out event” at this year’s Left Forum in New…Read More

ISBO needs your skills

Hey all you ISBO organizers and friends: The International School for Bottom-up Organizing has made an amazing start. Since October, when organizers from five countries met in Caracas, we’ve been fighting and organizing! We had to fight just to get everyone…Read More

Support the ISBO- Check back often!!!

Hey good people of the world. There is interesting activity taking place at the ISBO Cause. One is a discussion board that has heated up. Solving our problems depends on getting input from folks all over the globe.You will not receive a notice when things…Read More

Next meeting of ISBO--May 2009

The next meeting of ISBO is in May and will be held outside the US. People who are interested in applying to attend can write to: [email protected]
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