Really good news from ipeace

Dear iPeace supporter, If you belong to more than one of our groups this message might find you more than once. Please accept our sincere apology for that. First, the good news. As of today, iPeace is fully multilingual. We added a Google Translator widget…Read More

iPeace is 21,000 strong today!

Congratulations to all iPeace people. We are more that 21000 strong today! I'd like to take this opportunity to ask all of you who are not yet members of iPeace (the real peace network - not the facebook group) to visit iPeace and join us. We need your…Read More


PeaceArt is a tribute to all the artists who contribute to iPeace daily. ( Although the video feature mostly graphic art that was created by you and posted in iPeace, we…Read More

It's time to get busy. iPeace Day 2009 is around the corner

 On the last day of the year we will celebrate iPeace Day for the second time. This is the time to start asking your self how would YOU dedicate yourself on that day for peace. You don't even need to leave home, or your neighborhood, or your town. YOU just…Read More

iPeace network

Join OVER 20,500 people united worldwide for peace! LOVE&PEACE Gordon iPeace Co-Creator

Why am I so exuberant about iPeace?

It time to join iPeace and start making a difference (that if you are not already a member) ( Here's what our friend Gordon Millar just wrote: When visionary peace-maker David Califa first asked me to help set up this…Read More

Get the iPeace Tee – Help the children of Gaza

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