Be a Fan of ioby

Hey Everybody, We're moving our Facebook communications to this page . Please join us there for regular updates, on twitter , and by subscribing to our newsletter that we send out about every 4-8…Read More

ioby's Digital Storytelling Project: Spotlight on your Neighborhood

New Yorkers know their neighborhoods best. That's why we give our project leaders the mic to talk about the environmental solutions they're working on. They can make two kinds of videos. First, our project groups will shoot a video to tell the story of their…Read More

Thanks from ioby for a great 2009

Hey Everybody, Whether you are a donor, a volunteer, or part of a group supporting an environmental project or idea, you make ioby what it is today. We'd like to tell you about all the great things that happened this year, so click here to read about our…Read More

Hester Street Collaborative is at it again!

This May, Hester Street Collaborative held a tree identification workshop, flower planting, and scavenger hunt for It's My Park! Day, and you can watch the video here: . They've got another project up now for this…Read More

Five New Projects and It's My Park! Day Volunteer Opportunities for Sat, Oct 24

Hi Everybody, There are five new projects on ioby that need your help! Added Value, the Red Hook farming group whose name has become nearly synonymous with "sweat equity" has increased their productive land to include a 3-acre stretch on Governor's Island.…Read More

New Projects in Queens, the Bronx and the West Village!

Hey Everybody, Just wanted to give you a quick update. We're featuring three new projects that need your help. The first is the Queens Coalition for Parks and Green Spaces' 3rd Annual Going Green in Queens event in Spring 2010…Read More

ioby in TIME, trash cleanup stories, and Climate Week NYC news

Hey Everybody I've got a lot of great news to report. First, ioby was in TIME Magazine's roundup of New Ways to Make A Difference in their issue on the Responsibility Revolution and Obama's call to volunteer. Check out the article here…Read More
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