Ei FIFA: Pay your taxes like the rest of us!

This petition (http://www.causes.com/pay-your-taxes-FIFA) is demanding that FIFA commit to "fair pay" by follow the pre-existing tax laws in the World Cup host countries that apply to international sports non-governmental organizations and their corporate…Read More

Stolen Beauty: CODEPINK exposes the ugly secrets from the Dead Sea...

Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories promises “Beauty Secrets from the Dead Sea.” But, according to CodePink, the real secrets it keeps are an ugly truth—its products actually come from stolen Palestinian natural resources in the Occupied Territory of the Palestinian…Read More

Beyond Violence demands peaceful elections in Zimbabwe in 2013

Check out Beyond Violence's petition challenging Zimbabwe's leaders to adhere to the calls for peaceful elections: http://www.causes.com/zimbabwe Beyond Violence believes that Zimbabweans must be able to vote for whom they choose, and be able to be involved…Read More

End the unfair ban on travel to Cuba!

From Global Exchange: For half a century the U.S. embargo on Cuba has been a failed and unjust policy. Giving Americans the freedom to travel anywhere and to exchange with anyone, regardless of whether or not the two governments get along, is the right…Read More

Help Ecuadorians deliver pink slip to Chevron's CEO

Please help Servio Curipoma travel to Chevron's annual meeting so that he can speak directly to the leaders of the company that have polluted his families land and water. Servio deserves the opportunity to speak truth to power. With your help we can make this…Read More

JC Penney: End Deathtraps, Join Bangladesh Safety Agreement

The number of workers reported dead in the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh has risen to over 800. Please sign the petition demanding that JC Penney compensate the victims and adopt real fire and building safety before the next disaster…Read More

Enforce Universal Primary and Secondary School Education in Pakistan

Pakistan is in the midst of an education emergency and needs your help to make positive steps forward. Join me and the Human Development Foundation cause in putting pressure on Pakistan's Prime Minister, Minister of Education, policy makers, leaders, and key…Read More
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