this is our goal

 This video is from a Wildlife Fire Foundation for families of deceased and injured firefighters. The goal for our cause is to create a foundation similar to theirs, but with a focus on the injured emergency services personnel who survived but suffer lifelong…Read More

Help A Brother Out Bash

Help A Brother Out "Support Injured Firefighter." This event is planned to start at 6:00 pm on Sep 16, 2009 at Hometown Heroes Bar and Restaurant, Drinker St., Dunmore Corners, Dunmore PA (ride outside of Scranton PA) near the Poconos. Block party, raffles,…Read More

support injured firefighters, police and public servants

See the latest announcement and send us your stories. Thanks!

Help Injured Police, Firefighters...

We would like to get your stories of incidents which happened to you as public servants, or your family and friends who are public servants. We will be more interactive with this cause now that we have such a large membership and need to hear from you so that…Read More

Thank You!!!

Well we did it yesterday we finally broke 2000 members. You guys are awsome! Lets keep it going to see what kind of support we can get facebook is a big place there are still a lot of people who have not heard of this cause yet. Thanks again for everyones…Read More

Lets Keep it going!!!11

Well we broke 1000 members lets keep it going. Thank you to everyone for your continued support!!!! Mike


I would like to thank everyone for joining this cause!! Keep up the great work and continued support and see how many supporters we can get!! Mike
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