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Impeach Chris Christie

The office of the NJ Governor abused its powers by threatening public safety for a political grudge

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Progressive Impact
Progressive Impact Campaign leader

Here is some great insight into Gov. Christie's governing mentality and "the culture he's created, or permitted, to arise around him" in…Read More

Chris Christie’s problem is that he’s really, truly a bully

Washington Post
The release of e-mails suggesting that Gov. Chris Christie's top aides choked off transportation to a small town as political retribution against the town's mayor are a huge deal. I wouldn't go so far as Jonathan Chait, who says "they will probably destroy Christie’s chances in 2016." But they make it much likelier that something will emerge to…Read More
Nick Magel

Wow! And this isn't even talking about Governor Christie's current scandal: "Christie sacrificed the long-term welfare of his own citizens…Read More

The real Chris Christie traffic scandal you've forgotten
Whatever you may think of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's response to a certain traffic scandal in his state--do you believe his reaction on learning that his aides' political motivations were exposed was "sadness" that he'd been lied to? Neither do I--you should know that as an indication of his style of governing and politics it's peanuts. …Read More
Progressive Impact
Progressive Impact Campaign leader

Here is a great New York Times article on the alleged pressuring of the Hoboken's mayor to green light a building project in order to…Read More

How Pressure Mounted for Development in Hoboken

Patrick McGeehan and Charles V. Bagli
HOBOKEN, N.J. — Last May 8, a severe rainstorm left the streets of this city flooded once again, causing the mayor, Dawn Zimmer, to recall the inundation from Hurricane Sandy. So she dashed off a letter to Gov. Chris Christie, imploring him to help with Hoboken’s “ongoing flooding emergency,” and attached photos of cars in water up to their…Read More
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